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Oil2Water™ Powder
Oil2Water™ Powder is a combination technology that converts oil and oil soluble ingredients into water soluble ingredients, called Oil2Water™ Liquid, which are then powdered using our SuperPlating™ technology to create a fat-based, water soluble powder. Oil2Water Powder can be easily added to powdered products for the consumer to make food or to hydrate within a clear beverage. It can also be commercially added to liquids or powders without adversely impacting the appearance, taste, or texture. Generally, the oil percentage in Oil2Water Powder can be made between 5% - 20%.

Oils that can be used include food oils like HEMP, olive, canola, coconut, and palm plus nutraceutical oils such as MCT, borage, chia, cranberry, evening primrose, and flax seed.

Some of the many oil soluble ingredients which can be converted into Oil2Water Powder include: CoQ10, Omega-3 (DHA and EPA from fish or algae), Omega-6 and Omega-9 oils, Resveratrol, plus fat soluble vitamins like A, D, and E.

With 20% CBD Hemp oil, 10 mg of CBD can be delivered with ~425 mg of Oil2Water Powder.

Using typical 30% EPA/DHA oil, 32 mg of DHA/EPA, the minimum amount per serving required for a Qualified Health Claim can be delivered with approximately 700 mg of Oil2Water Powder.

What oil soluble ingredient can we convert into a water soluble powder for you?